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  本文摘要:From Fisker to Coda,the car industry is littered with failed start-ups . qo ROS is hoping to avoid the same fate。在菲斯科看到汽车后,满怀期待地阻止了这种命运。


From Fisker to Coda,the car industry is littered with failed start-ups . qo ROS is hoping to avoid the same fate。在菲斯科看到汽车后,满怀期待地阻止了这种命运。The sino-is raeli carmaker made waves when it launched its first car in 2013 with ambitions to simultaneous ly crack China,The world ' s bigh.沦为全球知名汽车品牌的梦想似乎更遥远。

该企业的痛苦经验表明,在资本密集型汽车产业中,新的转入者面临着巨大的挑战。“nobody knows who qo ROS is,admits Phil mur taugh,A former China specialist at general motors who ran electric-car maker Coda before to原来通用汽车(GM)没有人告诉官方。“他坦率地说。armed with a new five-year business plan,The company-which showed off a new concept car at last month ' s Shanghai car show-faces a fraces已经制定新的5年事业计划的观赏车将面临困难时期,该公司上个月在上海车展上展示了新概念车。

qo ROS was set up in 2007 as A joint venture between Chery,a state-owned Chinese carmaker,and Israel corp,a conglomerate controller A2007年,中国国营汽车企业奇瑞(该以色列集团是伦敦亿万富翁李丹Ofer(IDan Ofer)有限公司),Ofer还兼任目前破产的电动汽车企业Better Place的董事长。摩天轮正式成立时,他由欧洲工程师组成的精锐部队,包括BMW(宝马)前设计师Gert Hildebrand和曾负责大众北美事务的锡青人(Volker Steinwascher)。Idan Thinks Big“says a person close to Mr ofer”。

He wants this company to be the first GM to come out of China。“一个与Mr ofer was unavar奥利弗相似的人回答说。

”他期待这家公司成为第一辆从中国出来的通用汽车。“记者与奥利弗联系不上,无法要求评论。Its firstcar,launched at the 2013 Geneva motor show,Was declared the year ' s safest small family vehicle in European tests . only last weet2013年日内瓦车展上发表的第一辆汽车被欧洲新车安全等级协会(Euro NCAP)选为当年最安全的小型汽车。

上周,同样的车型3354观察到第三次3354,获得了中国新车评价程序(C-NCAP)历史上最低的安全分数。but safety does not necessarily sell . despite having a production capacity of 150,000 at its factory in Changshu,qo ROS sold just 7,000 vehit但是安全性并不一定意味着好的购买。位于苏州的工厂享有15万辆生产能力,但摩天轮去年只卖出了7000辆。通用汽车去年在中国销售了350万辆汽车。

As for taking on Europe,qo ROS sales in the test bed of Slovakia were just 51 Mr mur taugh admits that it was " foolish " to try to crack China aa“when I joined,I told people,Let ' s put western Europe on hold for a while,‘he says。’”“we're a Chinese company,we have to get China right。”当我再次加入关口时,对大家说:“暂停进军西欧的计划。”他说:“我们是中国企业,应该在中国取得成功。

”What went wrong?Bill Russo,managing director of consulting firm Gao feng advisory,Says that it was a mistake to launch a car into the ultra-competitive seditive问题在哪里?低风咨询公司董事罗比(Bill Russo)总经理回答说,在竞争极其激烈的轿车市场上,以低于大多数国产品牌的价格销售汽车是错误的。罗宾朱宇,分析at Bernstein,Says that the cars are simply too costly to build and too expensive to buy。“you ' re trying to persuade consumers in China to choose a brand the Ver heard of at the same price point as a Ford focus,”he says。“Sanford Bernstein(Sanford Bernstein)分析师罗宾朱(Robin Zhu)表示,摩天轮生产成本太高,对消费者来说也太贵。

“你正在努力说服中国消费者自由选择从未听说过的价格和福特(Ford)的福克斯(Focus)相似的品牌。”他说。The focus,China ' s second-best selling car last year,starts at RMB 100,000 ($16,000) versus about RMB 120,000 for the equivalent福特福克斯去年是中国市场第二大畅销书,基本价格为10万韩元(约合1.6万美元),同级参观式3翻盘售价为12万韩元左右。

Mr mur taugh is trying to turn things round by launching a wholesale rebranding to put the focus on qo ROS as a Chinese company,Rather than a cosmopolitan墨菲想扭转局面。他采用全面的品牌重塑计划,将观赏定位为中国公司,而不是独立的全球企业。他还需要不断扩大经销商网络。中国全国共有78个经销商,计划今年减少近两倍。

playing in its favour is an emerging trend in which domestic brands in China are gaining ground on foreign rivals . but the growth is not in affordababs ll外国汽车品牌和中国制造的品牌之间以原型消除彼此的增长也不利于观看。但是国产品牌中销售额迅速增长的不是价格高的豪华轿车,而是低廉嘈杂的运动型多功能车(SUV)。

qo ROS offers hatchbacks and compact off-roaders,but despite the hybrid SUV concept shown in Shanghai,IT IS Unclear What the Fourth ModelBernstein分析师robin Zhu表示:“销售情况有些嘲弄。“The financial picture is also grim . according to results posted by new York-listed Kenon Holdings,The Israel corp subsidiary that now controlKenon Holdings是以色列控股集团的子公司,目前掌握着一半股权。the company And investors declined to comment on its level of debt,And Kenon does not declare the figure . the Caixin business website in China esttover the past 12 months the parent companies have put up more than RM B2B n in loans,And both Chery And Mr ofer-the controlling shareholder of kenon-have pledged their commits在过去的12个月里,各母公司共获得了超过20亿元的贷款,奇瑞和Kenon有限公司股东奥利弗承诺减少投资。

观察到的销售情况有所好转,但只是略有好转,今年第一季度销售量为2500台。Still,unbowed,Mr mur taugh says that operating profitability is just two or three years away。“there ' s going to be a bit of pride taken in China that a chinet Ny.can do it just as good as german companies,美国公司,日本公司他表示:“中国是一家中国企业。可以像德国企业、美国企业、日本企业一样做得好。

”when that becomes known,qo ROS will be a success。“”如果这一点广为人知,参观一定会好起来的。



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