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  本文摘要:Beverly hills,Calif .-Hollywood has long relied on consumer surveys to answer a question about soon-to-arrive movies 3360 to加利福尼亚州贝市场宣传要做多长时间才能把一部电影拍成观众的必要电影?


Beverly hills,Calif .-Hollywood has long relied on consumer surveys to answer a question about soon-to-arrive movies 3360 to加利福尼亚州贝市场宣传要做多长时间才能把一部电影拍成观众的必要电影?it used To be easy for Studios To use that data,provided roughly a month before release,To improve ticket sales for a film ' s opening-a过去,电影公司在电影上市前约一个月获得消费者调查数据,并出色地应用于该数据,但电影宣传活动似乎越来越长,越来越简单。如今,老式的消费者追踪系统已经该死了。制作公司在电影上映前消费者就已经下定决心。他们能做的足够多意味着被动地应对随之而来的后果。

to help studio marketers get back ahead of their customers,United talent agency and rentrak,an entertainment data company,Are introompreact begins unusually early . it closely monitors marketing efforts at least a year before opening weekend . at any moment,Studios using the seet随时可以使用该服务的电影公司可以在一个入口登陆并提供各种表格,详细列出上面详细列出的顾客对宣传活动的反应。”every studio wants actionable information,and that is what we are providing,“said David herrin,the head of research at United ted wed”the rise of social media has created A data boom in almost every major industry,And motion pictures are no exception . among the new studio-foomMovie pilot,which studies social data and box-office trends;And listen first media,founded in 2012 and now a large supplier of " fan engagement " information to television networks 以电影公司为对象的新服务有很多种。

例如,拥有5年历史的印第安纳波利斯公司Fizziology获得分析师手动编写的报告,在一定程度上是基于算法的。电影试验公司(Moviepilot)专门研究社交媒体数据和票房趋势。ListenFirst Media成立于2012年,擅长获取电视网络的“粉丝关心”信息。

other new comers include pied mont media research,which provides demographic data and looks at films when they are still just concepts,and其他新移民包括Piedmont Media Research,还有经验丰富的好莱坞研究者文森特布拉齐兹(Vincent Bruzzese)领导的C4公司。For studio marketing executives,the result can be an alphabet soup of competing analyses . most studios,hoping to cover all bases,subing to cover all bases对于电影公司的市场高管来说,这样的研究结果可能很多,大部分电影公司期待订阅者不订阅与报告相似的各种报告,而是根据这些数字做出决定。

(威廉莎士比亚、温斯顿、电影名言) (电影)但是,这些战略费用昂贵,用户的这些服务(包括PreAct)每年花费数十万美元。Since its introduction in January,Preact has signed up studios that control roughly 40 percent of the north American box office . clients include今年1月正式上市后,其中还包括20世纪福克斯公司(以国内票房市场份额计算,目前仅次于好莱坞的电影公司)和索尼影业。“it's not a perfect tool,but it allows us to be really long-lead,and it provides information in close to real time,Both of which他回应说,索尼今年秋季为人气电影《申冤人》 (The Equalizer)做出宣传决定时,PreAct获得的资料几乎有帮助,包括如何利用利用利用Eminem为电影创作的原声音乐歌曲《打破不安的勇气》 (Guts Over Fear)。when studios began to widely use tracking data in the 1980s,a single company provided it-the national research group,Which relied on电影公司从20世纪80年代开始广泛应用观众追踪数据,当时只有一家公司得到这种服务,那就是国家研究集团。



now that kind of campaign would get a marketer fired . a promotional campaign often starts more than a year in advance,as soon as actors are case And今天的宣传攻势一般是在电影上映一年多前,也就是说,选角阶段开始,电影上映6个月前达到高潮。电影公司为大片制作三部预告片,并在网络上投资多部“花”,这也不是什么新鲜事。

preact started in 2011 as a way for United Talent to arm its celebrity clients-including Johnny Depp,Angelina Jolie and Channing Tatum-。PreAct掌握的大量社交媒体信息是Read人才经纪公司的另一次公开。

位于波士顿的数据分析公司Crimson Hexagon正在对哈佛大学开发的监控技术进行工作(注:Crimson Hexagon),这是位于波士顿的数据分析公司Crimson Hexagon (Crimson Hexagon)。“my jaw dropped when I saw this product,”said Steve Buck,Rentrak ' s senior vice president for business relations。


“该产品使我变得很大,Preact essentially takes information that is culled continuously from Twitter,YouTube,Tumblr,Facebook,insta gram事实上,PreAct用于从Twitter、YouTube、Tumblr、Facebook、Instagram、电影博客和其他网站不断提取的信息,例如,该系统可以评估在线议论的规模,这种议论是正面的还是负面的。还可以跟踪哪些活动最重要,制作公司的特定活动是否有效。

because Preact has already collected this information for roughly 500 movies,It generates scores for new films by making comparisons against etpreact已经收集了大约500部电影的类似信息,并以已经控制的数据为参考,为新上映的电影打分。PreAct用户可以获得所有即将上映的新电影的分数。也就是说,制作公司可以理解竞争的身体健康程度。

”we 'regoing to continue to use it," said Mr. caines of Sony . "I love that all of the studios could be speaking in one language " "所有制作公司都可以用一种语言沟通。我讨厌这样“Warnerbros。and Walt Disney studios,two biggest studios that are not yet on board,declined to comment。华纳兄弟和迪士尼还没有在这个系统中使用。

traditional tracking companies like the national research group,Which is now owned by Nielsen and still sells " competitive positioning "National Research Group现在属于尼尔森公司,这些传统的观众跟踪公司还在向各大公司销售竞争位置报告,他们正在努力保卫自己的领土。”our tracking remains very sensitive to movie goer intent”,“said Tina Wilson,general manager of Nielsen content,Which includes”“we are thoughtful,and we have a real Which allows our clients to make multimillion-dollar decisions based on our data。

”我们的观众追踪系统仍然需要敏锐地猎杀观众的意图。“尼尔森内容公司的总经理蒂娜威尔逊(Tina Wilson)”戴尔正在深思熟虑,帮助客户根据戴尔数据做出价值1000万美元的决策。



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